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Intros! (and fic)

Hello everybody!  

I totally fell on this comm by accident - given the date of the last post I'm amazed its still here!  But oh so happy as well. Because it is totally the season for zombies, I put LotD on my iPod. It's been a near constant loop of happy undead (hey it gets me through the day). \o/ 


Name:  magicgerbil
Age: 37
Favorite Character (LOTD): Cholo (he's totally got a thing for Riley)
Works: fanfic when the muse cooperates
Favourite Pairing: Cholo/Riley

It has been literally years since my muse has worked, so you can imagine my utter *shock* when, while listening to the movie on ipod, I took a break from my work and started typing. A day later and I'm working on the second part of my ficlet. I will ride this horse as long as I can, and I offer you my ficlet as thank-you for loving this movie as much as I do! 

(I haven't come up with a title yet, so bare with me) 

Title: (not yet)
Author: magicgerbil
Fandom: Land of the Dead
Rating: PG13
Summary: a quiet watch

Onto Fic!Collapse )


"Our Beginning" (Riley/Cholo, PG-13)

Title: Our Beginning 
Characters: Riley Denbo/Cholo DeMora
Word Count: 1,000
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: My first fully finished LotD fic! OMGYEY! ^^ I'm been shipping this pairing so hard ever since the first time I saw the movie, but unfortunately there is a lack of ficcage to be had. So here's my addition to the body count fics! (Pre-movie, SLASH: Riley/Cholo)

Our Beginning - A Riley/Cholo FicCollapse )

Awesome Photography!!


My name is Crystal and after I graduated ECU with a photo degree, I decided to start my own business here in Greenville. My focus is Fine Art, including body painting, underwater photos, erotica, boudoir, and any crazy idea you can think of.

Currently I am looking for a female model with a toned body to do some body painting for my portfolio. It would be nude, but the photos would be tasteful Fine Art. I would pay you by giving you a cd of the finished photos. If interested PLEASE E-mail me!

I want to start an art revolution in Greenville!

I also specialize in portraits of all types, senior photos, families, pets (I LOVE pets and have done work for the humane society), modeling, bridal, engagement, and I will also do weddings!

I am a photoshop expert, so I'm beginning to give lessons in my craft. Adobe photoshop lessons, as well as digital scrapbooking, also if you just need to know how to use a SRL Camera i can help you out.

Graphic Design is also a big part of today's society, and my ability to turn a concept into a great piece of work is amazing! Album Covers, Band Photography

I would absolutely LOVE for you to check out my website
( http://ckimages.ulmb.com ), and tell me what you think of my work!

I also have some work for sale at Ripple City (downtown Greenville) if you are interested in buying prints.

Framed pieces run from $100-$150 and prints, $15-$60

Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have, and please please please check out my website, leave feedback, schedule appointments, spread the WORD, or just look at some amazing local art!


CK Images
Crystal Kuegel
Land Of The Dead Slash!!!! OMGYEYDIES ^^

Name: Damion

Age: 20

Favorite Character: Cholo. Cocky little bastard, but a drool-worthy one ^^ I mean, c'mon! THOSE ABS 

Works: Fanfiction mostly, but have been expanding into digital artwork.

Favorite Pairing: Riley/Cholo. At the end of the movie I said to my friends "Those two were totally doing it before the movie." I think it was mostly that Cholo kept moving away from Riley, like it was painful to be near him, and Riley seemed to always look hurt when he did it. Maybe that was just my hopeless fangirl side talking.

Jun. 14th, 2007

Hey there, er...three other members. XD

I've been slowing building a zombie media collection and managed to pick up Land of the Dead yesterday for $10. ;D Now, I'm practically a slasher by trade, so obviously I was going to be on the lookout for potential. And thank you very much, Romero, I got it. :D

Name: Courtie
Age: 18
Favourite Character: Cholo (an asshat, but an understandable and lovable one).
Works: Fanfiction. Currently working in tv/movie fandom, but have about six years experience in book, anime, manga, video game and bandslash fandoms.
Favourite Pairing: Riley/Cholo. I can so easily see them as having had a wonderfully tumultuous relationship prior to the film. Yes.

Anyhow, I'm currently participating in the official blog like it's the end of the world challenge thing, and you lot should be too, even if it's quite late into the day. It's great fun.

About Me.

Name-Davi (Day-vee).
Favourite Character (LOTD)- Charlie, he's so sweet.
Works-Art(Mostly) and fanfiction.
Favourite Pairing-Riley/Charlie.

There you go. :)

New Member

Fuck yes. It's about damn time someone made a community solely dedicated to Land of the Dead slash.

Here's a little bit about me, for all you bent on introductions.

Name: Amber
Age: 19
Favorite Lotd Character: Charlie Houk
Tools of the Trade: I do some fanfics, never actually shared them with anybody before, however. Yay, maybe I can finally share the goodness! I also do picture alterations, just for fun.

I'm actually working on a lotd fic based on Charlie. Not quite finished or happy with it, though. Will post it in all its bloody goodness when completed. Great idea for a community!


Cholo hugging Mouse. Don't think Cholo has this kind of affection in him, but, Mouse just has that lovableness that changes people. :)